Project 8:4 Survey

What is this About?

What is Project 8:4?

Project 8:4 is a ministry of Grace Baptist Church. It is a ministry that is based out of Acts 8:4 where the Bible say:

“Therefore they that were scattered abroad went every where preaching the word.”

The goal of Project 8:4 is to:

Serve Christ by…

  • Going to our local community
  • Knowing our local community
  • Helping our local community

Going to the local community involves various means. You have possibly received contact through one of many different means such as a Facebook post, a door visit, a postcard, an invite to a church event…etc

Knowing the local community is accomplished through the survey that was presented to you. Please help us help you. When you complete the survey, this helps us to know how to better help you and apply the gospel in this local area.

Helping our local community comes in various means, but the ultimate mission that Christ has given to us is to minister the gospel.

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