Dr. Roger D. Green

In honor of Dr. Roger D. Green’s 40th Anniversary, we published a book commemorating the 40 years of his life and ministry.  A hard copy of this book is available at the church office for a nominal fee.  To view a digital copy of the book, see below:

[ipaper id="46744806" accesskey="key-236a9vb97voy3xt8f5vg"]

Along with the book entitled, Enabled for Ministry, a DVD was produced to honor the 40th Anniversary of Dr. Roger D. Green.  The folks at Grace Baptist Church spent over a year producing this video of pictures and interviews.  Here’s the promotional trailer for this video:

  • If you would like to own a copy for yourself, please contact the Media Ministry for more information at mmedia@grace-middletown.com.
  • Click here to learn more about Dr. Roger D. Green.



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