Children’s Ministries

Grace Baptist Church offers children’s ministries for every age group.  From the nursery through upper elementary, we work to provide a place where the children will feel welcome and safe.  Our desire is that children would learn more about the gospel of Christ and that we would help aid in their desire to know Him.

Children’s Choir

The Children’s Choir meets every Sunday afternoon at 5 PM for practice and present special programs through the year.

Noah’s Park

Noah’s Park places great emphasis on learning about God. Each Lesson is tailored to fit the Kindergarten age group. There is story time, puppet time, craft time, play time, and snack time. The goal is to begin planting the truths of God’s Word into the minds of children at a very early age.

The Farm

The primary church service is an hour packed full of games, Bible lessons, puppets, prizes, and songs just for Grades One to Three.  The Farm is at 11 AM.

Truth Wareings

Coming soon…

Master Clubs

The purpose of Master Club is to teach children to love and serve God. They will be taught to memorize and to learn more about God’s Word. The children will have the opportunity to work on projects to help emphasize application in what they have been studying. There is a wonderful group of leaders who volunteer each week in this ministry. Master Club meets on Wednesdays at 6:30 PM.

PeeWee Club

PeeWee Club is a fun time for children ages three and four to learn God’s Truths through songs, puppets, lessons and more. PeeWee Club meets every Sunday during the Evening Worship Service.

Community Outreach

  • Bible Clubs: We offer Bible clubs on Tuesdays at Amanda and Mayfield Elementary.  We are so thankful for this open door to share the gospel with children in our local schools.
  • Bus: We also have the opportunity to give rides to children on Sundays (weather permitting).  We pick up children in the surrounding area to allow them to hear teaching from the Bible each week and have a part in our children’s ministries.


Our nursery area offers a secure environment for your children during all of our main services, including Sunday school.  Our volunteers are background checked and will do their best to offer a loving and enjoyable atmosphere for your children.