I know that many people have been asking about how they can get involved in the disaster relief happening in Texas.  Today, our team has spent a significant amount of time researching and calling to find out what is the best way to get involved.

First, the overwhelming feedback that we received was as follows:

  • It is too soon for us to gather a team of people and send them to the Texas location.  Many places are still inaccessible.
  • By far, the best way to get involved is to donate.

Who We Are Partnering With:

We have decided to partner with a trusted organization who already has boots on the ground in Texas.  They have trained individuals and a process in place that is worthy of investment.  The name of this organization is Hearts with Hands.  Below you will find some graphics and links that will be of help.

After speaking with the director’s wife, we believe this is the organization that we should partner with to help in the early stages of this disaster relief.

What Will Funds Support?

The donations will go to sponsor what they call the “Box of Hope.”  This includes hygiene items, non-perishable items, and gospel literature.  One palette has 100 boxes.  One pallet is $2,000.00.

I have been assured that all funds will go directly to the Texas relief and not redirected elsewhere.  It would be great to send 10 pallets to this desperate areas immediately.

How to Donate:

For those wishing to give electronically, an EasyTithe fund has been set up called “Texas Disaster Relief – Hearts with Hands.” PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE AT www.cometogbc.com AND CLICK THE EASYTITHE LINK ON THE RIGHT-HAND SIDE OF THE SCREEN.  In addition, you can make any checks payable to either Grace Baptist Church or Middletown Christian Schools.  Be sure the designation is for Texas relief.  100% of all funds will be directed to Hearts with Hands for the relief.


If you have any questions, please contact Alyssa Vanderlee in our office at 513-423-4658 or avanderlee@cometogbc.com.

Again, the early stages of the disaster are upon these dear people, and we have an opportunity to send a collection for relief.

In Christ,

Max Fernandez

P.S. Receipts can be provided for donations submitted.

Photos of Boxes Provided: