I want to share with you the wonderful opportunity that God has given Grace at Mayfield Elementary.  He has opened doors to allow us in the public schools, and He has brought children to these clubs who enjoy coming and are excited to be learning more about God’s Word.
We call this an “Advance Ministry” because it is a time where we are able to clearly present the gospel to children.  Some of these children have little church background, but many who come do not yet know the message of salvation.
Fifteen children have attended so far at Mayfield, and throughout the 3 weeks here this spring, I pray that will give us further opportunities this fall to reach even more.  We are also able to use the children’s contact information and follow up with them in their homes once this club is over.
We recently ended our club for the school year at Amanda Elementary, and I have seen more than five children from there walking the halls of our church who now ride our buses.  Two from Mayfield will be coming to church this Sunday, Lord willing!
Please pray for these children.  They have heard the gospel, and we pray that they will one day respond to this message.  Pray also that we would see these children and families coming to our church and growing in the knowledge of Christ.  And pray about how you can get involved.  My hope and prayer is that we can see several teams next year from our church going out to these schools.  We will need laborers, and you can be a part of what God is doing among the young people of Middletown.
I hope this will encourage you to look for opportunities here in our community to advance with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Please make sure you are logging your visits and discipleship.
Call the church office to request visits.
-Call Church – 513-423-4658
-Email us:
ljackson@cometogbc.com – Laura Jackson
ngreene@coemtogbc.com – Nick Greene
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