I am soooooo excited, that I can hardly wait for tonight, I am going to the superest of Super Bowls. I will definitely get there early so that I can be a part of all the pre-show activities, connect with old and new friends and be encompassed by the excitement of the evening. The air will be electrifying with laughter, stories, high fives and shoulder smacks, not to mention the food. The garb that will be worn will make it apparent as to which team is favored. I am so glad that I get to sit near the front, where I can take in every word and action, as the opposing teams try to convince me they are the best. I’m sure the noise will be plenty loud, but that’s OK, it won’t last forever. As the time quickly approaches for me to take my seat, I will settle in to join the festivities. The music will begin, most of us will stand and begin to sing that wonderful old song. Cheers will be expressed and finally, time for the main event. Can I say, I am so excited.

  The opposing teams will size each other up, one looking mean and determined and the other with just a sweet, kind grin. The clock will start, the action will begin and the crowd will look on with great anticipation, cheers and grumblings will be deafening and emotions will climb and fall, depending on the team you favor. The time will go quickly and the game will be over, leaving some ecstatic at what they will take away, well worth the time and effort. Others, will leave disappointed and complaining over every thing that didn’t go their way. Regardless of the final results, there will be much to talk about and much  “Monday Morning quarterbacking”. Many of us will return next week to do it all again. ” Next week, you say, Barbara, the Super Bowl is only one time a year”. Oh, did you think I was talking about football? Oh, no, I was talking about Sunday night services at church.