CHANGE-to make or become different, something unusual or new that is better or more pleasant that what existed before.

TRANSITION-passage from one state, stage, subject or place to another, the process of changing.

SEASON-a time characterized by a particular circumstance or feature, an indefinite period of time.

  I can indeed say that at my age, things become different and in transition: 12 hour days, become 6-7, 9 hours of sleep become 5, if I’m lucky, laundry can now be done in 3 days instead of 1 and my time is mine to schedule, and best of all, there are no schedules! During my lifetime, I have changed, transitioned and moved into new seasons of life, without much thought or even recognition, but this present season is somewhat discombobulating. While I am still able to learn and retain information, although some may certainly question that, when I ask, “Have I all ready told you this”? The information that I desire is more intense, deeper and more thought provoking than in my past seasons of life. It is accumulated wisdom that God has allowed me to have, and expects me to utilize. Perhaps this eager willingness to share is because I have fewer years before me than I do behind me, my time to accomplish anything or influence anyone for the Lord, is coming to an end, so I must get busy and find ways to incorporate this knowledge into another. 

  So what makes me think that anything I have learned is worth sharing? The answer is simple, any and all knowledge that I have collected has been provided by the Master, it is He who has seen fit to instill in me the glorious wisdom and knowledge of His Word. I am not special, well actually, I am, in His sight. He has created in me the need to know the  “Who, What, Why, When, Where and How’s of life; He has also provided the answers. Not only has He supplied desires, wisdom, knowledge, and answers, but He has equipped me and made available persons with whom He desires me to instill these truths. He has given me the honor, privilege and blessing of bringing people into my life that I would not have normally sought out . My point, is that we all have hidden gifts that God desires to use, if only we ask Him. He may only use them for a season, to make a change in us or the recipient. He may extend these gifts for a longer season or even to more people, but the fact is that He will use them, if we allow Him to do so, regardless of our season or age.

   Present transitions in my life have not been easy, nor have they been graciously welcomed, but then God knows how best to use me, regardless of my season. So now I am looking forward to whom He will allow to walk through my life this year and what I might share, as well as learn from them . And while I am on the subject of seasons, Lord, I’d sure  be grateful if  this winter season would end soon and preferably WITHOUT SNOW!!!!!!!!