Send Me I’ll Go!

This past Sunday we had a blessed day, and I believe it was because the Lord honored the sole emphasis upon the His worldwide plan. We call this missions. The following is yet another quote from the book entitled “Send Me I’ll Go: Letting the Mission Choose Your Direction” by Jake Taube.

We all may occasionally wish to evade the ministry of disciple making and maintain our current lifestyle, location or loose affiliation with the church. However, we may not do so and claim obedience to the Great Commission.

My heart has been stirred over the last couple of weeks for the Lord’s work in this world. Pray, persist, and participate!  It is our privilege to be recipients of the truth.  It is our privilege to spread the truth of Jesus Christ with those who have never heard!

Church family, let’s all strive to be yielded to the Lord and His work in this world. We are currently working on the Tyler Master’s Radio Project. You can see updates and learn how to be a part at our missions website: Oswald Smith said, “We talk of the Second Coming; half the world has never heard of the first.” [Smith, Oswald. The Challenge of Missions]