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A Moment of Deja Vu:
Have you ever had those moments when an event that happens causes you to relive, in mind, a past event? Sometimes it may be just a fragrance that brings back precious memories. It is called deja vu. Deja vu is the experience of thinking that a new situation had occurred in the past.

This happened to me at our missions conference in the fall of 2014. Our pastoral staff was scheduled to meet the missionaries and their families for breakfast in our coffee shop. The food was ready. The people began to trickle into the store. It was then that I realized that one of the men missionaries was missing. I asked his wife where he was and if everything was alright. It was her reply that caused this moment of relapse in my thinking. Barbara Carpio responded quietly, “Victor will be here shortly, but he is in prayer.”

In a moment’s notice I was taken back to Lagawe, Ifugao in the Philippine Islands. It was there where Greg Mann and I stayed in the home of Victor and Barbara Carpio. We arrived in the night time and had little idea of what the area was like. The next morning we stepped out of the bedroom and into the kitchen for breakfast. It was then that the same words came from Barbara Carpio’s lips. “Victor will be with you shortly, but he is in prayer.”

Those are my earliest remembrances of Victor and his family. This is my main memory of him. Prayer is not some small, casual event that is an addendum to life. Prayer is of utmost importance.

The Work of God:
That week in the Philippines, I did not witness what a man had done in the middle of a mountainous area. I did not witness what a man had done by winning the city to the Lord, including the officials of that city. I did not witness what a man had done by establishing a college where young men and women are being trained for ministry in Lagawe. I did not witness what man had done in planting a local church. I knew that I was witnessing what God had done through that man; and I was certain of this because of the priority of prayer.

Now, in 2014, as I sat in the coffee shop, I was once again confronted with the reality that there are men that use God and there are men who are used of God. There are those who serve with the arm of flesh, and there are those who serve by the power of God. There are those who have become so dependent upon human whit, reason, and intuition that they no longer fervently pray; and there are those who have formed an indispensable dependence upon the Lord through prayer.

Part of God’s Work
I am resolved that we must partner with those who still recognize the importance and priority of a genuine walk with the Lord. This is not a time in the morning but a life that is moment by moment. This moment by moment life has a time where the engine gets started. This life has a garden to where he or she must oft resort. This life has a mountain into which he or she must depart for the purpose of prayer.

Grace Baptist Church, I would like to finish the Victor Carpio project this coming Sunday. We will need to raise $5,800 this Sunday to meet our goal. Yes, I realize that the terminating point is not this Sunday; but why prolong the completion? Let’s just get it done! What is stated above is not because the Carpio’s need our help but because he has a God who will supply his need, and I want to be a part of God’s supply in his ministry. It is sure that someone will be used of the Lord to provide what he needs, but who that someone is will be up to who is surrendered to the Lord about the matter.

Will you be a vessel this Sunday to supply $58.00? If 100 people will supply this amount, the deed will be done.

Online Donation: Victor Carpio – VC12

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